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Welcome to’s Media Kit announcement. Here you will find all the information you need to advertise on If this is your first visit ti our website, we recommend that you just give a thorough look and see all that this website has to offer.

Advertisement & partnership opportunities:

Here are some available advertising opportunities that we offer at Depending upon your individual marketing strategy or need, you can pick one:

1. Job Advertisement:

If you have a job you can provide to our viewers and subscribers, you can post the job along with its details. The job will be featured in the Homepage and it will also reflect in the Bulletin board in the period for which it was paid. The payout details and slabs are as follows:

Period Amount Chargeable
1 Month Rs. 5,000
15 Days Rs. 3,500
10 Days Rs. 2,500

Click here to download the guidelines for job submission in pdf format. [390 Kb]

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2. Showcase your products or services and Display Ads:

We run the following ads on

For a One Month Display
Sl. No. Position Amount Chargeable
1. Header Ads Rs. 5,000
2. Primary Sidebar Ad Rs. 3,000
3. Secondary Sidebar Ad Rs. 2,500
4. Footer Ad Rs. 1,000
For Fifteen Days Display
5. Header Ads Rs. 2,500
6. Primary Sidebar Ad Rs. 1,500
7. Secondary Sidebar Ad Rs. 1,250
8. Footer Ad Rs. 500

Please view our Official Media Kit Document for full details.

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